Topeka Beer Tour Nov 2018

Topeka Beer Tour Nov 2018

We were in a drinking frame of mind (hard to believe right?) this past week and decided to check out as many of the breweries in town as we could in one day. It’s great to be able to say that we have so many to choose from in Topeka. Awesome. We had time for four so we hit Happy Basset off Wanamaker, Blind Tiger on 37th street. Then we headed to the newly opened Iron Rail Brewing, 7th and Kansas, and finished off with a delicious pint at Norseman Brewing Company in NOTO. Awesome! I love them all for different reasons.

Happy Basset - Beer and Bingo on Sunday, who knew it could be this fun?

Blind Tiger - We had a flight and got some beer-education! Top Notch!

Iron Rail Brewing - BBQ from Mike Babb and Beer. Win Win!

Norseman Brewing Company - Lots of space for chilling with a fantastic pint.

Nashville, Tn, Nov 2018

Nashville, Tn, Nov 2018

This year I’ve been compelled to revisit places from my past.  New York City was my first big move from Kansas and Nashville was the second.  Both influenced the trajectory of my life and left permanent imprints.  New York taught me to be brave and to find myself in the crowd.  Nashville taught me to hold on to my core values and stay true to my own mission.  Both cities spoke to me this year.  I visited Nashville over the weekend after my longest absence since I moved back to Topeka.  Wow!  The growth is startling, exciting, and unapologetic.  I was told an estimated 100 restaurants a year have been opening this past few years and over 40,000 visitors arrive every day.  Places once familiar have been engulfed in progress while other favorite spots remain calm and cool.  We drank it in.  We ate it up.  We toasted the past and the future with old and new friends.  I was again reminded how quickly life moves and how important “this moment” defines the next. 

5th and Taylor - one of the most memorable meals in a long time. Bravo!

Lockland Table - Fantastic!

M - Street Tavern - Fun Brunch

Urban Cookhouse - I’ve not seen anyplace like it.

Nobel Beer Garden - Great addition to a great neighborhood

Lyra - Modern Middle Eastern, and Yes!

Tenn 16 - East Nashville Cool.

Hamptons, New York, Oct 2018

Hamptons, New York, Oct 2018

I went back to New York this past weekend to see the area again and get some more photographs.  The weather was perfect.  An area that once seemed frenetic and foreign was calm and subdued.  I ate well and slept well.  I reacquainted with old friends and was proudly reminded that the skills learned and practiced here with you at RowHouse apply outside of these walls as well.  Put love in the food, be kind, be honest, and don’t be afraid of change.

East Hampton Grill - Classic, Refined, Comfortable, Delicious

Mitad del Mundo Express - Wow, so good, and Best cure for a hangover ever! This was my favorite meal this trip and I was completely not expecting it.

Greenport Harbor Brewing - Curious, unusual, small batch beer at it’s best

World Pie - This is a time capsule of a place where everyone is family

Townline BBQ - Always time for a good beer and BBQ Nachos

I also went to NYC this visit and once again the food did not disappoint

Almond - East 22nd, NYC. I loved everything about this place! Everything.

B BAR 40 East 4th, NYC - Sexy, Yummy, I can’t wait to take friends here.

Veselka - East Village. I was here a few weeks before and would come every week if I lived near

New York City, Sep 2018

New York City, Sep 2018

I spent the weekend in New York City. It was fantastic. We wandered around on the cool cloudy sidewalks and visited lots of old favorite places along with finding some delicious new ones. It was so familiar and comfortable. When I moved to NYC in 1988 I landed a job pretty quickly, but I didn’t have to start working for 6 weeks, which meant I was free to find my way around the city at my leisure. Most mornings I would get up early and take the train to Battery park and then wander a new route home to 88th and Columbus. Back then I could get by on a couple slices from Ray’s Pizza and a fresh bagel. $5 per day was my budget, and if I didn’t have to spend that I would save it. Everything changes, but one thing has remained the same: Food in New York is exquisite. We ate Peruvian, Greek, Lebanese, Italian, Spanish, and more. What adds to the equation is how well restaurants embrace who they are and what they represent individually. I hope you feel that way about RowHouse because we are always striving to be our own unique experience. We must all embrace who we are while remembering in the end that we are all one.

The rooftop bar at Hotel Hugo - YES

Veselka - People watching in the rain

the Press Lounge - not to be missed

Nonna Bebba - I loved everything about this place, especially the homemade pear ravioli

the Cupping Room - Almost the same as 30 years ago when I found it

Kiki’s - it’s about the experience

Death Ave - unexpected completely



We. love. food. And if it's local--we're head over heels. Here are some of RowHouse's favorite local eateries. If you haven't already, check them out!  

TUPTIM THAI - I can't say enough good things about their food. Yum!

THE BLIND TIGER - I come from beer people. This is good beer.

CHEZ YASU - Beautiful, intimate and so French. 

EL MEZCAL (Topeka Boulevard) - Staple--at least once a week.

THE CELTIC FOX - Give me a Smithwick's!

QUINTONS - Great sandwiches and an amazing tap selection. Love the bistro burgers! 

TERRY'S BAR AND GRILL - The crew and I love this place, and they serve late.  $.75 Tacos on Sunday and Tuesdays

THE WHEEL BARREL - Fun and really hip vibe.  Yummy Sandwiches, Great Beer!

THE NORSEMEN BREWING CO. - local beer, great spot on North Kansas Avenue

NOTO BURRITO - Big Fat Burritos!

ENCORE CAFE - A Lawrence secret--get the Vegan General Tsao's Chicken. 

715 (Lawrence) - One of my all-time favorite restaurants.