This year I’ve been compelled to revisit places from my past.  New York City was my first big move from Kansas and Nashville was the second.  Both influenced the trajectory of my life and left permanent imprints.  New York taught me to be brave and to find myself in the crowd.  Nashville taught me to hold on to my core values and stay true to my own mission.  Both cities spoke to me this year.  I visited Nashville over the weekend after my longest absence since I moved back to Topeka.  Wow!  The growth is startling, exciting, and unapologetic.  I was told an estimated 100 restaurants a year have been opening this past few years and over 40,000 visitors arrive every day.  Places once familiar have been engulfed in progress while other favorite spots remain calm and cool.  We drank it in.  We ate it up.  We toasted the past and the future with old and new friends.  I was again reminded how quickly life moves and how important “this moment” defines the next. 

5th and Taylor - one of the most memorable meals in a long time. Bravo!

Lockland Table - Fantastic!

M - Street Tavern - Fun Brunch

Urban Cookhouse - I’ve not seen anyplace like it.

Nobel Beer Garden - Great addition to a great neighborhood

Lyra - Modern Middle Eastern, and Yes!

Tenn 16 - East Nashville Cool.