We have lots of family and friends in L.A. which makes us very lucky.  First we get a yearly visit to California in the middle of Winter, and Second we learn from locals where to eat.

Here are some restaurants we highly recommend... 

NOVEL - This is one of my favorite places. Service is outstanding and informed

 FARMHOUSE - You MUST go here.

FO THAI - Unbelievable.  

TANNIN WINE BAR & KITCHEN - Value. Cool. Checks all the boxes.  

LA BODEGA - We had a great time. 

PONAK'S MEXICAN KITCHEN - Perfection in my eyes.


ANTON'S TAP ROOM - Unexpectedly creative, cool and delicious. I loved every meaty bite. Make sure you go see the Hydroponics near the bathrooms and look around the whole place. Weird & awesome.