This Week at RowHouse

May 22, 2017

For 10 years our menu the week before Memorial Day and the official launch of Summer is about ideas for Summer gatherings and BBQ.  A couple of Row Favorites make an appearance, like the “Lake Salad”, and our last visit with Tomato Dill Soup until Fall.  I’m hoping the Edamame sliders give you some inspiration for Meatless visitors and just another option for the grill.  I cook these using a cast iron pan right on the grill to start, then I give them grill marks after they get golden.  They also freeze well.  Steven had this yummy idea to add Blueberries to the BBQ sauce.  Pablo added the pineapple and citrus to the Sparerib recipe and we all brainstormed for dessert.  I can’t wait to jump in the Lake!  Have a fun, safe, delicious Memorial Day!

-Greg Fox

Thanks for being patient as I learn my new routine updating the website and the newsletter.   A little inside info for you......The upcoming week's menu,  is posted in the "EXPLORE OTHER MENUS" section of the menu page on Friday afternoon the week before.  That's my tip for the week.  

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