This Week at RowHouse

Ryan Wills entertaining the Cooking Crew, Anna Springer, Steve Stanek, Pablo Martinez, and Greg Fox


Mar 16, 2018

I live and work downtown.  It's easy to wish a downtown busier and more vibrant, but it's not enough to wish.  The businesses and developers that have been open and operating downtown are doing what we do, because we want to be part of a whole experience that this town has been asking for.  It takes established businesses working right next to new ones, but most importantly it takes the citizens to be open to partaking in all of them.  I think it will always be a gamble with risks involved to go into any area, but especially an area that's been unpredictable like our downtown.  Folks are putting their livelihoods on the line to add their spin to this movement.  It's not easy.  Their are inherent difficulties with an urban location.  We are looking for business to be there at time periods that have not existed vibrantly for a long time.  We need folks to come downtown after work, and on the weekends.  We need people to walk a little while and stroll around and park a block or two away...or more.  We need to as customers give all the new businesses a break and let them have some growing pains and mistakes without dismissing them too quickly.  It's hard to grow, it has pains, but it's worth it in the end. 

It  takes a village…” - It takes a village choral project.  It’s worth a listen.

-Greg Fox

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