This Week at RowHouse

RowHouse at Twilight.


May 4, 2018

Hunter Parrish from Godspell -"Beautiful City"  Listen.

Memorial Day marks another fresh start.  I love Summer in Kansas with its crazy mix of heat, wind, and turbulent weather.  Pretty good metaphor for life.  I've been spending lots of time wondering how I want to proceed in my life and the life of RowHouse.  This place has become so dear to me and to many of you.  My goal has always been to be an unusual, kind, delicious restaurant.  I talk of this house always as person, cause to me she is.  Yes, I call her a her, but it's because of the nurturing and mothering it does for those of us who work here.  We want more people to feel experience the uniqueness that is RowHouse.  This Summer we are opening the backyard every night we are open at 5pm.  You can always stop by and have a snack and a drink, or a casual dinner.  We are calling it the Summer Indulgence menu and we are hoping to drink in the beauty of our Home.  Stay tuned, be happy, and like I always say to myself, "Quit worrying so much, you're doing fine!"

Much Love,

-Greg Fox

Our menu for the coming week is posted on Fridays by 4pm.  If you'd like a sneak peek, EXPLORE OTHER MENU