This Week at RowHouse


Cartoon Cooks


Dec 15, 2017

We have opened the books for New Year's Eve.  A sample of last year's menu is posted in EXPLORE OTHER MENUS.  Ours is intimate extended dinner with limited seating available.  We'd love to have you!

The Picture is a cartoon rendering of our kitchen team, Steven Stanek, Pablo Martinez, Myself (Greg Fox), and our new Head Chef,  the very talented Anna Springer.  RowHouse is Co-Producing the upcoming production, "Too Many Cooks!" at Topeka Civic Theater.  We work as a team to bring you dinner, lunch, and a show once in a while...well trust me, there's a show every night around here.  It's a dynamic, extraordinary, and always entertaining combo.  We love every chance we have to feed you!  Enjoy the Season, and be kind to yourself!

-Greg Fox

Our menu for the coming week is posted on Fridays by 4pm.  If you'd like a sneak peek, EXPLORE OTHER MENUS