This Week at RowHouse

Chef Anna Springer returns to RowHouse with Lunch, beginning Nov 1, 2017

Oct 14th, 2017

As we look forward to RowHouse Lunch beginning Nov 1st, we are feeling flooded with ideas.  Having Anna back in the kitchen gives us one more creative vantage point from which to invent recipes.  We tossed aside more ideas for this next week’s menu than we kept, and it’s been a long while since I can say that.  Many of the dishes are ideas we are playing with to be on our new menu, so we are anxious for your input.  This salad, this Vegetarian dish, and many of the accoutrements like the Green aioli, and the mint pistou.  We love having you for dinner, and we look forward to becoming your favorite lunch spot.  Please ask away for more details, though, many questions are still being answered for all of us!  Yikes!

Thanks for being here. We love every time we see you!  Be good to yourself!

-Greg Fox

Thanks for being patient as I learn my new routine updating the website and the newsletter.   A little inside info for you......The upcoming week's menu,  is posted in the "EXPLORE OTHER MENUS" section of the menu page on Friday afternoon the week before.  That's my tip for the week.  

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