This Week at RowHouse

Aug 20, 2017

Ryan is our RowHouse photographer and in my opinion he does an amazing job with our food shots each week.  You can always see the current week;s plates on our RowHouse Facebook page Wednesday evenings.  This photo, even though my enlargement is blurry is our homage to the eclipse, out dueling vichyssoise of purple and white potatoes.  It was delicious!

This week Elaine is introducing some new wines to our list from Sicily and we took our direction for the menu from there.  Kansas produce is at a Summer apex and we love it.  We're always happy to cook for you!

We’ve begun our serious phase of Lunch plans and September is the month we are debuting some of the recipes during our Dinner Hours.  It’s going to be exciting!   Lunch Monday thru Friday, 11a – 2p, Begins in November 2017.

We Love seeing You!

-Greg Fox

Thanks for being patient as I learn my new routine updating the website and the newsletter.   A little inside info for you......The upcoming week's menu,  is posted in the "EXPLORE OTHER MENUS" section of the menu page on Friday afternoon the week before.  That's my tip for the week.  

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